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Want to get involved? 

Thank you for considering getting involved with Sketching With Seniors ! There are many ways you can support our mission and make a difference in your community.

Here are a few options for getting involved:

  1. Volunteer your time: We always welcome volunteers to help out with with various tasks such as helping with events, fundraisers, teaching art classes ect.. No matter your skills or availability, we can find a way for you to make a difference.  If you are interested in volunteering with us anytime soon, fill out our Volunteer form and we will get in touch with you shortly! 

  2. Donate: Your financial support helps us to fund our programs and make a bigger impact in the community. You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift to show your ongoing support. If you are looking to make a donation to Sketching With Seniors, 

  3. Spread the word: Help us to spread the word about our organization and the work we do by sharing our social media posts, inviting friends to follow us, and telling others about us.

  4. Join our team: If you are passionate about our mission and want to make a bigger impact, consider joining our team as a board member or team member in various areas, such as outreach, social media and many more depending on your skill set! If you are interested in joining our team, fill out our Team Form and we will get in touch! 

  5. Collaborate with us: Are you a senior living center or hospice in need of youth involvement or volunteers to help brighten a senior's day? We are here to help! If you would like to host a Sketching With Seniors class at your facility or would like to collaborate with us on an event, send us an email @ or through our Contact page. 

Thank you for your support and willingness to get involved. We truly appreciate your help in furthering our mission and making a difference in the community! 

Forms Mentioned: 

Volunteer form:

Team Form: 

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